Just some handy tips that will help you to speed up your work and improve you as web developer.

How to restore WP admin password if you don’t remember admin’s email.

This happens quite often to me, when some old clients comeback asking for changes, but it turns out that they have lost all credentials to the website.

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SSH – Import / Export large database

The problem that most of the people get when try to import massive .sql backup is that phpMyAdmin has import file size limit which depends on your hosting company.

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SSH Terminal ZIP / UNZIP Folders

These are one of the most simplest SSH commands that you should definitely use. Especially if you do not have great internet connection and want to upload something quicker, it’s best to upload a .zip folder via FTP and extract it …

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PNG / JPG image optimization.

I always thought that saving graphic using “Save for web” button in Photoshop provides best image quality/weight outcome…

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SSH – Copy files from one server to another.

Fastest way to copy files from  one server to another is using SSH scp command, it’s fairly straightforward…

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