Well, I’m in Barbados

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Hey Crabs,

As you might already noticed, it’s not like I’m writing my blog everyday. Thought it would make sense to write a post once in a while just so you know that site is not dead.

So even though my bucket list doesn’t go as planned, something good happened this year.

I’m a freelancer, and it happens to be that I have clients from around the world. Couple years ago I e-met my first client from Barbados and we became friends over the time. And guess what?! I’m in Barbados now, with my fiancee, house sitting my new friend’s pets while she is away on “holiday” to UK. What an opportunity that allows us to enjoy working in completely different environment than we are used to. Would you take such opportunity if you had one??

Ok, that’s enough of my personal life. (Going back to work)