SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Hard – Read These 5 Tips

It’s quite unfortunate how a lot of online entrepreneurs assume that SEO is hard and not worth the effort. Do you belong to this group of people? Are you scared of the technicalities associated with Search engine Optimisation? Well, we are here to convince you otherwise. The truth is, not a lot of people are familiar with what SEO entails.

To most website owners, SEO is all about getting to the top of Google. But this isn’t really true. There is more to search engine optimization other than being at the top of search engine result pages. Your content needs to be superb. You need to link with authority sites. Your site needs to load pages faster and much more.

Though it may seem complicated at first. Once you grasp all the tiny details regarding SEO, you will become an expert, and you will begin noticing the benefits of SEO. If you think that it’s hard, read these 5 tips.

  1. First Learn What Your Customers are Searching for

Before you do anything else. The first step to every SEO strategy is keyword research. You need to know what your customers are searching for. Let’s say you run a hotel in London. Definitely, your clients will key in the following search phrases when looking for your business;

  • Hotels in London
  • London hotels
  • Best hotel in London

This is precisely what you should pick as your primary keyword. Ensure you use the most popular phrase. Feel free to ask some of your clients when they pop in for some coffee. Remember that you are not the only one targeting to win off clients with that keyword. This is why you should also incorporate LSI keywords and other strategies to ensure you are the top choice.

When you find the right keyword, ensure that you use it in your posts. Don’t overuse keywords since Google has developed algorithms to observe and penalize web owners who do this.

  1. Your Content Needs to be Exceptional

Now that you know which keyword to optimize. You need to come up with excellent content. Don’t just talk about yourself on your posts and why you are the best option. Customers don’t want that. They need engaging and creative content. Discuss issues related to that line of business. For example, you can discuss how to pick the best hotel in London. Or what are the features clients should look for in a hotel in London? Amidst such posts, preferably at the conclusion, you can include a subtle call to action directing readers to your hotel’s website. This is how you can capture the interest of potential clients and convert them to regular customers.

  1. Get Authority websites to Link to You

A lot of people talk about how you should link to authority sites, but the vice versa is even more beneficial. When an authority site links to you, Google perceives your content as relevant and ranks you higher. Additionally, viewers gain more confidence in your brand.

You can get quality backlinks by asking other brands to do so. Or you can write guest blog posts and add your own link in the article. When you write great content, you will notice other sites linking to yours without having to engage them.

  1. Finally, You Need to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

In today’s world, nearly everyone owns a mobile device. And these devices are commonly used to access the internet. As a website owner, you need to ensure your website is responsive to mobile devices. Failure to which, you will notice a higher bounce rate. To offer fast mobile content, you can make use of accelerated mobile pages and avoiding the use of Flash on mobile pages.

As you can see from the above tips, SEO isn’t so hard. All you need to have is the right mindset and motivation. However, should it be challenging to carry out these techniques, you can hire a digital consultant to help you out.